Affordable car price by international brands in India

Affordable car price by international brands in IndiaMost of us would probably check out car price at various competitive dealerships while deciding to purchase new cars. With increased difference in the prices of cars, we need to be aware of the price negotiations to determine the fair price. This involves a lot of decision making while buying or owning a new car.

You need to know the dealer’s invoice and also check for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). As the difference between them varies between 8 to 15 percent, the exact car price would come close to the quotation by dealer invoice. However, you need to verify that you don’t pay for additional charges like document handling, dealer markup, credit life insurance etc.

In addition, foreign brands are relatively pricing their cars less so that they are affordable to everyone and can thus position themselves in the every sector of Automobile Industry. One of them is Ford Figo.

Ford Figo is an affordable hatchback car from Ford India. It was engineered and designed to compete the small car segments in India which shares almost 70% in the new vehicle market. It is available in petrol and diesel version with a competitive price tag starting from Rs 3. 5 Lakhs. This compact car was priced relatively low to survive the competition of existing major players.

The technical specifications of petrol engine is 1196cc, 71 PS @6250rpm, 102 Nm Max Torque and 16V DOHC whereas for diesel, the specification include 1399cc, 69PS@ 4000rpm, 190Nm Torque and 8v SOHC. Other specifications for both variants include 5 speed manual transmission and Hydraulic power steering. They come in 4 variants each: Lxi, Exi, Zxi and Titanium.

The company priced the variants taking Hyundai i10 as base. The petrol variants are priced at Rs 3. 5 to Rs 3. 6 Lakhs whereas diesel variants are exceptionally priced in the range of Rs 4. 5 to Rs 5. 45 lakhs. This was an aggressive pricing by the company at the time when other car manufacturers were relatively pricing high for their new cars.

Apart from its strong price positioning, Ford Figo is also supported by many dealership network with almost 167 outlets in 97 cities.

Other international brand that was introduced in India was Volkswagen Polo. This car was introduced for the next generation that desires advanced technology, style, comfort and power. It boasts about striking design, powerful engine and uncompromised quality in its manufacturing. It had both versions of petrol and diesel engine with an attractive price tag.

It is available in 3 engine types that include 1. 2L and 1. 6L petrol engine and 1. 2 l diesel engine. 1. 2 l petrol engine delivered power of 75 PS @5400rpm with maximum torque of 110Nm @ 3750m. the 1. 6L petrol variant produces torque of 153Nm @ 3750rpm and power of 105PS @ 5250rpm.

The advanced version of 1. 2L diesel engine produces power of 75 PS @4200rpm and maximum torque of 180Nm@ 2000RPM.

The various variants of Volkswagen Polo is priced between Rs 4, 42, 000 and Rs 6, 82, 500. This grabbed attention among various car enthusiasts to buy the car priced relatively low in spite of its exceptional design and advanced features.

Nonetheless, you need to take time in the research on new car prices, MSRP, fluctuating car prices among many dealers to know the exact value.

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